There are many ways you can get involved in Do it for Dolly day this year!

Help us remember Dolly and paint the country blue by wearing or decorating your room, office or house in blue – her favourite colour! Show us your ‘true blue’ spirit by posting on your social media and #DoItForDollyDay.

Together, we want you to help us make May 8 a day of kindness. Big or small, what’s most important is to make the effort. Here are some acts of kindness you could consider:

o   Call to check in on a family member/friend or send them a friendly text message

o   Make a music playlist or card for someone you care about

o   Cook a meal for the people in your house

o   Write a positive online review for a small business

o   Start an online fundraiser

o   Get your neighbourhood involved by getting everyone to put something in their window to mark #DoItForDollyDay. Facebook groups are a great way to reach your community!

o   Check out The Kindness Pandemic for other community acts of kindness

We have also created some fantastic kindness activities, suitable for all kids – big and small. Click here to find out more.

We’d love you to share these with us too by using #DoItForDollyDay.

Finally, we’re asking families to come together to take the DigiPledge. The DigiPledge is an online education program that teaches families how to make good choices online. Kids are spending more time online now than ever before, so it’s even more important that we educate and empower our kids – and ourselves – with the knowledge needed to be safe and respectful online.

Take the Pledge